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Introducing Cinematography

Cinematography is an alternative type of film compared to our traditional wedding film. Our traditional capture method uses broadcast cameras which allows for a more documentary style film with longer shots which take less time to set up, whereas cinematography uses smaller DSLR cameras and different techniques to capture shorter movie style shots. With cinematography, wedding films are visually stunning, but turn out a lot shorter than a traditional film. Unlike traditional videography, cinematography usually requires more than one team member to capture footage and is a lot more time consuming to edit therefore resulting in a higher cost. We offer cinematography but not as standard.

There are two types of cinematography that we offer. The first being the whole event captured by a cinematography crew which will result in an amazing movie like experience but it will be short. If you or your family are the type that like to have every moment, every prayer or every dance captured, full cinematography is not for you. This brings us to our second option, cinematography highlights. The benefit of our traditional videography is that we can capture a lot more footage. This is because the equipment takes less time to set up and is faster to use, therefore the result is a longer slower paced film that shows much more of your event that you may not have even remembered. These films come with a highlights reel as standard but just using the traditional footage. If you want the glamorous effect of cinematography but don’t want to sacrifice on the length of your film, you can choose to add cinematography highlights to your package. Along with the videographer, we will send a cinematographer to capture the highlights of the event. This combines the best of both worlds and is also more cost effective than full cinematography. To see what a cinematography highlights reel for a sikh wedding film looks like, please Click Here or alternatively visit our Video Gallery or Youtube channel.

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