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We capture any event at any scale and will ensure you have a timeless memory. We have a team of experienced videographers that are reliable and trusted. Our team can be at the forefront of your event to guide you throughout the day or simply stand aside to capture everything naturally. We can film from both sides of a wedding so each family can relive the entire event. We can arrange multi-camera shoots to capture moments simultaneously from different perspectives. We can even provide a crane with our videographers, which will allow them to film from amazing heights and angles.

We heavily invest in our equipment to ensure we use the highest quality technology when capturing events. We use the latest High Definition digital camcorders that are up to broadcast standards, to ensure every colour and image is reproduced in its most natural form. Our audio is also high in quality as our cameras incorporate premium microphone technology to minimise distortion.

We now also offer Cinematography which is an alternative type of film compared to our traditional wedding film. Our traditional capture method uses broadcast cameras which allows for a more documentary style film with longer shots which take less time to set up, whereas cinematography uses smaller DSLR cameras and different techniques to capture shorter movie style shots. With cinematography, wedding films are visually stunning, but turn out a lot shorter than a traditional film. Unlike traditional videography, cinematography usually requires more than one team member to capture footage and is a lot more time consuming to edit therefore resulting in a higher cost. We offer cinematography but not as standard. For more info on this, please see our FAQ page.


We have expert photographers on our team who are capable of creating artistic memories from your special occasion. With their extensive training and experience, our photographers have learnt to skillfully place themselves in the right place at the right time, whilst never interfering with the event to ensure no moment will be missed.

To get the highest quality photos, we use professional digital SLR cameras. These cameras, paired with our trained photographers will ensure each photo paints a thousand words.

We have backdrop sheets that can be brought to your event to give your photos a studio feel. We also can provide photo enlargements and slideshows for your event, or after it. But the most popular way to view your photos is on one of our many stunning storybook albums which are all individually designed so no album is the same. For more info on this, please see our FAQ page.


We edit our footage using professional studio software. We can add effects, titling, songs, photos and a highlights reel of the event. We also enhance video and audio quality using various techniques in post-production. Once the footage is ready, it is burned onto a Blu-ray and/or DVD. The final product includes interactive personalised menus to make each film individual to you. We also edit third-party footage such as home videos and we can convert formats, for example, VHS to DVD. All our footage and data is stored in multiple locations to ensure it remains secure.

To see more of our work you can visit our Video Gallery or Photo Gallery. You can also visit our Facebook page which is updated more regularly. To do this, please click here.