How do we book you?

You will need to visit our studio for a consultation so we can tailor a package to suit your requirements. Once you are happy with the package, you will be required to provide a deposit and fill out some paperwork. After this your date will be secured.

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Can we come to visit your studio?

Yes. We always recommend seeing the quality of our work to give yourself piece of mind before booking us. We can also discuss your event and tailor a package to meet your requirements. Feel free to call us to arrange a consultation.

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Can you take our Pre-wedding photos?

Yes. Pre-shoots are an amazing way to show the personality of the couple through photography. They are perfect for weddings as they offer a lot more ways personalise the event. With the many options such as our personalised guest signing books, floor standing banners or just a simple slideshow for the reception, a pre-shoot ensures [...]

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What is a Crane? Do you offer it?

The crane offers a more dynamic view of the event with smooth high panning shots which wouldn’t be otherwise achievable It is a large piece of equipment, usually positioned next to a dance floor. To view our Crane demo footage, please Click Here.

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How do we get our storybook album?

The first stage is choosing your album. When booking us, you will have the opportunity to choose the album you want, however you have the option to change album at any time until pre-production. The second stage is design, which starts directly after you select the photos from your photo USB. These photos are given [...]

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What is a storybook album?

A storybook album is a bespoke created album that contains your chosen photos. Every page is uniquely designed on specialised software. We have an extensive range of storybook albums that are all carefully crafted.

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What is Cinematography? Do you offer it?

Cinematography is an alternative type of film compared to a traditional Videography wedding film. Videography uses broadcast cameras which allows for a more documentary style film with longer shots which take less time to set up, whereas cinematography uses smaller DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and different techniques to capture shorter movie style shots. With cinematography, wedding films [...]

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