Creating Beautiful Stories

We combine years of experience and knowledge with high end equipment to capture visually stunning footage to tell the beautiful story of you, your loved ones and your event.

Bringing Your Event To Life

Our advanced cinematography equipment is customised for the fast paced nature of Sikh wedding films and Asian wedding photography. Previously we used to specialise in Videography which uses camcorders that are generally used for event capture, news broadcasts and documentaries, however we found that our clients also loved the creative shots and filmic look of Cinematography, which is effectively the footage captured by DSLR/Mirrorless cameras.

Cinematography once had its limitations due to the slow paced nature of the cameras, which tended to produce shorter films, plus it incurred high costs as a larger team was required. Over time our knowledge of both styles of film has evolved to a point where we can now combine the best of both videography and cinematography. We have heavily invested in technology which allows us to be more creative than ever before.

The Best of Both

Our approach to wedding filming is to combine the best aspects of cinematography and videography to offer you a more complete product which is fully tailored to you. Modern audiences expect more stylish and contemporary wedding films but are sometimes put off by the cost and time spent to develop. At Kular Brothers we can offer amazing, film-style wedding films without the high cost.

Film by Kular Brothers

  • All footage edited in-house

  • Data stored securely in multiple locations

  • Longer films to show more of event and guests

  • Highlights/trailer to showcase the event

  • Option to provide song requests, family names and personal photos

  • Amendments can be made up to two weeks after collection

  • Short film and photo completion time (3-6 months on average)