Building Perfection

Our equipment, paired with our trained photographers will ensure each photo paints a thousand words. Our team are also friendly and patient while still being confident in controlling a crowd. They are also experienced in Sikh Weddings, Hindu Weddings and many other types of events so they can assist in making sure the traditions are done correctly, if the family aren’t as confident.

We provide our photos as high resolution images on a USB drive which is not locked or watermarked so you can enjoy your images the way you like. While an image on a screen can be enjoyable, viewing a physical format of your images is captivating. The most popular way to view your photos is on one of our many stunning storybook albums, which are all individually designed and crafted so no album is the same. Our albums are bespoke and timeless.

Photography by Kular Brothers

  • Mixture of natural and posed photography
  • Professional camera equipment

  • Off camera lighting

  • Friendly, patient and confident team

  • Knowledge to help guide the event along

  • High-res images unlocked and not watermarked

  • Custom storybook albums

  • No hidden costs